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Ulm, March 2016 – LIQUI MOLY with headquarters in Ulm, Germany, has continued to grow rapidly during the past year. The turnover figure for 1999 of 50 million euros increased five-fold by 2015. This is even more remarkable if we bear in mind that the direct competitors are globally active companies like Shell, BP (with the Castrol brand) and Exxon (with the Mobil brand). The David from Ulm is not only able to stand up to these Goliaths, it is able to win through: In Germany, LIQUI MOLY is one of the leading producers of engine oils and is the undisputed market leader when it comes to additives.

"We maneuver on the market like a speed boat, not a sluggish oil tanker. Every day we adapt our course anew to meet the demands of our customers", stated Ernst Prost, Managing Partner of LIQUI MOLY. For example as customers began to request a cleaner for the intake system on diesel engines - a service product, which up to that time had never been available on the market in that form. "Success also includes having a great team - not just employees, but joint venturers, who all work hard to satisfy our customers." A plan that bore fruit: between 2009 and 2015 turnover increased by €208 m to €441 m. During this period our turnover nearly doubled. LIQUI MOLY sells primarily to wholesalers, specialist markets and workshops. The latter, in particular, profit from the fact that LIQUI MOLY doesn't just have a few products, but are instead able to offer a complete range to meet all vehicle requirements. In addition, in some countries the company is able to offer workshop concepts: They are able to order equipment and tools alongside consumable liquids and have their waste oil disposed of as well. In addition, there are advertising media, even down to the complete design of the workshop exterior, comprehensive training and application tips for professionals and a personnel intensive customer care services.

LIQUI MOLY sponsors sports events to further increase familiarity with our brand. The blue/red/white logo was clearly visible at the World Ski Championships as well as at Formula 1 events, during the World Handball Championships and in the German Football Bundesliga. Currently it is omnipresent at motor sport events around the world – particularly on four wheels with the LIQUI MOLY Engstler Team and on two wheels with Sandro Cortese and Jonas Folger in Moto2. In addition, LIQUI MOLY is exclusive lubricant supplier for the Moto2 and Moto3 series. Customers profit from the growing familiarity of LIQUI MOLY through increasing demand. Or, the other way around, this familiarity has a positive effect on our image. In the past few years LIQUI MOLY was selected the most popular brand of lubricant by the readers of the largest German automotive magazines.

Germany is the main market of LIQUI MOLY; some 40 percent of the turnover is achieved there. Whereas the demands of the market at home are already met, and growth can only be achieved by the displacement of competitors, the development aboard is a more dynamic process. The products are available in 120 countries. Here it is an advantage that the company produces solely in Germany, and "Made in Germany" is a mark of high quality, particularly in the automobile industry. "LIQUI MOLY is already a success story in Germany", says Prost. "We want to continue writing that story abroad." The engine oil specialist LIQUI MOLY succeeds despite competition from major companies ▪ LIQUI MOLY is the market leader in Germany ▪ Chosen most popular brand of lubricant in Germany ▪ Further growth worldwide


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